Transparency is key to building trust

Unlike the majority of financial advisers, we have chosen to explain our cost structure below to help you make informed decisions.

Our cost structure is straightforward: we charge a one-off cost for initial advice and a monthly ongoing advice cost. You can learn more about the costs and what is included below.

Our services are best suited for clients with at least £400,000 in investable assets. If you have less than this but are actively funding your pensions and investments, we can still add value.

Your initial exploratory meeting is at no cost to you, and you have no obligation to proceed further. The purpose of this meeting is to help us determine if our services align with your needs and goals.

Initial advice

1%, capped at £8,500

We answer the fundamental question, “Are we going to be okay?” by understanding your objectives, analysing your financial holdings and creating a comprehensive financial plan.

Our initial advice cost is 1% of the amount brought under our management, starting at £4,500 and capped at £8,500. This structure ensures fairness, regardless of portfolio size.

In comparison, typical adviser costs can be as high as 3% or even 4.5% uncapped, making our capped 1% initial cost competitive.

The initial advice service includes:

  • Gathering all the relevant information about you
  • Contacting the providers of your existing investments, pensions and protection policies
  • Preparing a lifetime cashflow forecast
  • Constructing a financial plan
  • Implementing our recommendations.

Watch our case study videos showing the benefits of our initial advice

Bob and Mary’s initial analysis
Bob and Mary’s cashflow forecast

Ongoing advice

0.77% per year of assets under management, paid monthly
This charge reduces for assets over £750,000

Keeping your plans on track is crucial as circumstances change. Our ongoing advice service helps you adapt to changes and maintain disciplined financial behaviour. We continuously evaluate, “Are we still going to be okay?” and offer stability in uncertain times.

The ongoing advice service includes:

  • An annual review to repeat the initial advice steps, as necessary
  • Reviewing tax and pension legislation and regulatory changes
  • Adapting to changes in your circumstances
  • Ensuring plans remain on track.

Our ongoing charges are tiered as follows:

Assets under management Cost per year
Up to £750,000 0.77%
Above £750,000 0.20%

For example

A portfolio of £500,000 costs £3,850 per year or £321 per month. A portfolio of £1 million costs £6,275 per year or £523 per month, equivalent to approximately 0.63% per year.

The total cost of your portfolio (our advice, custodianship, administration, and investment management) is typically around 1.33% per year for a £500,000 portfolio, reducing to 1.14% per year for a £1 million portfolio.

Other services we provide

We also offer advice on life assurance, critical illness and income protection. Our costs for these services may be covered by commissions from insurance companies, and we will confirm any additional costs if necessary.

VAT does not apply to any of the above costs.

The value of advice

Recent surveys show total costs through other advisers can be around 1.75% per year, potentially costing you significant amounts over your investing lifetime versus our total costs.

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